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Punch Needle Class Sat October 27th 3pm - 5pm


Punch Needle Class Sat October 27th 3pm - 5pm


Product Details

Punch Needle Class


As promised this is the official announcement for our first punch needle class 


We are really excited to be able to bring this to you!
The class will be held on 
Saturday October 27th, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm right by the 
shop so we will have enough room for you to work your project.

We will be able to take 25 people in this class.

The class cost is $35.00 per person

If you would like to sign up please follow the numbers below

1)  Go to   
2) click on the shop button       
3) go to the top right and hover
over the shop button and scroll to
Punch Needle Class and click on it. This is where
you will be able to sign up for the class.

class price does not include your kit

Please make sure you pick the button for PICKUP so that you do not get charged a shipping price.
I'm sorry that I can't change this but it's how my site works right now. 

Sign up must be done online, no exceptions

When you sign up for the punch needle class please make sure you put your
email address in so I can contact you about your punch needle kit.

See the picture below. These are the ornaments we will be working on. Rest assured you will be picking only one for the class but will have enough supplies to do all 4 of them 

The tins you see for the ornaments are not Included in your kit. The pattern will have information where you can purchase them if you wish to do so.

Each person that signs up for class will receive an email from me about your kit
The kits will cost $46.00. 
Remember you are getting the needle which includes small, med and large punch needles and your hoop which only need to be purchased once. Plus the rest of the items you need for the kit.